Moving cargo around the world is becoming an increasingly complex affair, which is where our experience can provide such an indispensable value added service for our customers. The matching of aircraft type to cargo load is an area where Well Freight Logistic Services Limited has time which again saves client’s money. We can source any types of Chartered aircraft all-round the world as earliest time depending on client’s need.

We will ensure correct loading and unloading of aircraft, compliance with all safety measures and co-ordinate documentation between airline and handling agent. Whatever your requirement, whatever the cargo, we have the resources to cater to your every need.

Chartering can be a very efficient way to move your goods and supplies. The next time you are thinking of your air transportation budget, contact with Well Freight Logistic Services Limited head office for a competitive quotation. At the center of our business is the cost effectiveness and time efficient chartering of aircraft using a state of the art computer pricing system. We can provide accurate quotations, aircraft availability as soon we received firm booking and full details of cargo specifications.