Air Freight

Reliable & On Time

For your any traffic by air (perishable, non perishable, dry cargoes etc…), Well Freight Logistic Services Limited , provides most efficient booking, real time schedule & tracing for the cargoes for it’s customers. Wherever your cargoes to send, whatever you need to move, whenever your cargoes ready , Well Freight Logistic Services Limited trained people are ready to dedicate themselves to satisfy your needs.

General services

  •  Rate analysis and quotation
  •  Flight schedule and Carrier selection
  •  Several Alternatives rate & Services from Bangladesh to anywhere in the globe.
  •  Several Alternatives rate & Services to Bangladesh from anywhere in the globe.
  •  Pick up & delivery services.
  •  Combined services -Sea/air-shipment services via Dubai, Singapore, Portklang and Colombo
  •  Custom broker/clearance service
  •  Packing service
  •  Warehousing
  •  Air / air trans-shipment services via Dubai, Singapore, Portklang and Colombo
  •  Complete air documentation services
  •  Complete other documentation related air service
  •  Legalization of documents
  •  Door to door Delivery Service

We’ve extensive network & facility to handle perishable cargoes with a long history of stock holding facility. Special rates can be offered for shipment towards different destinations.

In connection with the air cargo shipment we’ve the business relation with the below airlines-

  •    Malaysian Airlines.
  •    Turkish Airlines.
  •    Ittahad Airways.
  •    Singapore Airlines.
  •    Emirates Airlines.
  •    Saudia Airlines.
  •    Thai Airways.
  •    British Airlines.
  •    Biman Bangladesh Airlines.
  •    China Eastern Airlines.
  •    China Southern Airlines.
  •    Dragon International Airlines/Cathey Pacific.
  •    Fly Dubai, Air Arabia , Jet Airways , KLM Etc and
  •    United Airways , Regent Airways & Novo Air  ( for domestic & international route , Both )